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Feb 29

The Whisky Marketplace Blog: What's What

Posted on 29th February 2012 by Stuart

Welcome to The WhiskyMarketplace Blog!  Before we get to the interesting stuff (whisky, of course) it seemed like a wise idea for us to outline the values integral to ensuring that this blog is fair, varied, honest, informative and most of all, an enjoyable read for you, the whisky lover and buyer.

Impartiality and positivity

Impartiality and positivity are important values to us here at WhiskyMarketplace.  This blog intends to be purely impartial, honest and always a place of open views.  Reviews will be the true opinion of the writer, without intending to court favour from companies or organisations.


Equality is another one of our core values and here at WhiskyMarketplace we intend to feature companies, distilleries and bottlers of various size, style and ethos.  Although we can’t deny that we have a soft spot for small, independently owned distilleries and certainly like to champion their cause, this does not mean that we’re against the large companies and producers, far from it in fact, and all will be fairly represented both here on the blog and in the Podcast.


Content is intended to be informative, varied and objective at all times.  While there will be many a review posted on this blog,  we also hope to keep readers up to date (alongside the Podcast) with what’s happening in the whisky world more generally, to feature interesting interviews and, among other things, to provide you with detailed write ups of distillery visits and events.


The Range of bottlings explored within this blog will be extensive and varied.   We will certainly feature plenty of unusual and obscure bottlings and general whisky-geek waffle, but is also our intention to give time to many easily accessible bottlings both ranging from distilleries’ own releases to that of the independent bottlers.  It is also true to say that we often favour whiskies bottled at 46% or above and with no chill-filtration or colouring.  That said, whiskies that do not meet these requirements can of course be highly enjoyable and will be fairly considered regardless.


Tolerance is a characteristic which we will always be considerate of within the content of this blog.  We are mindful that whisky is a wonderful thing which brings most readers no end of enjoyment and here at WhiskyMarketplace we’re just the same as you.  We don’t see any need to be snarky, negative or needlessly unpleasant and recognise that each one of us has different ideas and tastes.  What we all have in common though is the love of whisky, which here at WhiskyMarketplace we believe transcends most differences and is the most important thing of all.

Embracing Innovation

Embracing Innovation whilst still acknowledging the classics is always important.  Whisky snobbery is common enough but we endeavour to embrace new ideas, creativity and whisky produced throughout the world with equal enthusiasm.  That said, we would rather you don’t mix our‘72 Clynelish, ‘66 Lochside or ‘70s Ardbeg with coke, and for the record a nosing glass and maybe a drop of water will do us just fine.

The greatest intention of this Blog is that it should be fun (we all love whisky, remember!), useful and informative for fellow whisky lovers.  It is not intended as a place for undeserved praise or needless cynicism, but as a place for the honest representation of the views held by us whisky fanatics at WhiskyMarketplace.