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Dec 03

Noah’s Mill

Posted on 3rd December 2013 by Tim

Part of producer Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD) range of Small Batch bourbons, Noah’s Mill is bottled at 100 UK proof (57.15%) and is probably the most critically acclaimed of the company’s range, with regularly huge scores from the likes of Jim Murray and Paul Pacult.

KBD is a family company that has owned and operated the Willet distillery since 1935, but has been established as the US’s most important independent bottler since the 1980s. As a result, it’s impossible to say exactly where Noah’s Mill originates from – but while it tastes this good it’s probably better not to ask too many questions.

Noah's Mill

Noah's Mill

ABV: 57.15% - Size: 75cl


A seriously complex, deep, dark, enveloping nose of wood, white pepper, mint leaf, milk chocolate, vanilla, clove, cinnamon and caraway. This profusion of spice indicates a bourbon with a relatively high rye content.


At full strength, the spice on the palate is enormous, with the accent on the clove and caraway seeds, plus a touch of menthol / eucalyptus. Very warming at full strength and opens up beautifully with a drop of water, revealing a more chocolatey note, plus strawberry liquorice, resin and fresh wood shavings.


A long meander through the spice rack, with sweet chocolate and vanilla cake in the background.


A whiskey that fully deserves its lofty reputation. The price has crept up in the last few years, but the quality more than justifies the outlay - this has to be the best value bourbon in the £50 price bracket.

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