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Mar 07

Master of Malt 60 Year Old Speyside

Posted on 7th March 2014 by Pierre

A sharp knock at the door from the postman still triggers that childish thrill - “Hey Mr Postman have you got a parcel for me?” All too often he hands us an oversized catalogue or some other boring promotional item destined for the recycling.

But not this morning. Oh no. Because today he gave us this...

Master of Malt 60 year old package

With “Introducing the Master of Malt 60 Year Old Speyside” emblazoned on the box it was enough to set hearts racing here at Whisky Marketplace HQ.

A quick skim read of the covering letter informs me that a 70cl bottle of this will retail at the really very reasonable price of £999.95, which is an absolutely steal for a whisky this age. But even at that low price it still means that the 3cl sample enclosed would set you back a few quid. Fortunately it was me, and not a colleague, who opened the door to the postie, because 3cl is really too small a size to share...

Master of Malt 60 year Old Speyside sample

“What does it taste like?” I hear you cry. Well the sun isn’t yet over the yard arm and Friday morning is not the right time to sample a delight such as this. Instead I’m going to sit and look at it for a little while. My parents hadn’t even met when this flowed from the still and I'm all grown up with two kids of my own... sometimes whisky puts things in perspective. And that's even before I've had drink.

When I do get round to tasting I’ll be sure to let you know the verdict. But those chaps over at Master of Malt seem to know what they’re doing so I reckon it’s a safe bet.

If you can't wait you can buy a bottle, or a sample, here.