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Malt Mill Whisky Distillery

Malt Mill Whisky

Founded by Sir Peter Mackie in 1908, after a long running legal battle for the sales rights to Laphroaig whisky, Malt Mill was built within the grounds of the current Lagavulin distillery on the Isle of Islay.

Mackie had hoped to produce a style of Scotch whisky similar to Laphroaig and went to great lengths to recreate the flavour profile, he even hired workers from Laphroaig in an attempt to match the recipe.

Malt Mill was a small scale distillery using traditional production methods with its coal fired pot stills. It produced a modest 113,500 litres of whisky in its first year, a fraction by comparison to its well established neighbours. The distillery remained active until 1962 when it was finally absorbed by its landlord, Lagavulin, where the stills were re-housed and remained in production for another seven years.

Malt Mill distillery - immortalised in the Ken Loach film The Angels' Share - was never bottled as a Single Malt, however, very occasionally highly sought after bottles of Mackie's Ancient Scotch do surface but they are always quickly snapped up by collectors. Few of us will ever be lucky enough to sample this legendary whisky but if you're really determined to satisfy your curiosity, then older white label bottlings of Lagavulin (1972 - 1979) might be as close as you'll ever get.